Here are some more dogs I have done. This page is still under construction.

I do all animals, not just dogs, so feel free to ask for a sample of your breed if you don't see it here.

"Lazy Jack" 5" Tummy sits in a plastic
rocking chair on a rug w/ book: $50.00

"Jack Russell" 5" JRT
customized w/bandana or toy: $45.00

"Two's Company" 3" These patterdales are waiting
for someone to play with: $25.00 ea.

"Layla" 4" Labrador
customized w/bandana: $35.00

"Rocky" 4" Rockey Road the Rodesian is waiting by
the door for his owner: $40.00

"Shep" 4" German
customized w/bandana: $35.00

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