School Events: (Pre-school through Middle School):  In-school events include class/group assemblies, Science Day programs, weekly classes, parent/student events, etc.  Radical Reptiles and Friends is flexible and can vary the program for each school's specific needs.  Don't forget to ask about our "multiple-booking" discounts.

After-school programs include group assemblies and weekly classes for various after-care groups including Primetime, SAY San Diego, YMCA's, 6 to 6 programs, private after-care groups, etc.  (Regular, weekly classes should be booked ahead of time, as these openings fill quickly.) 

Radical Reptiles and Friends also run various, animal-free classes.  These include "Weird Science", "Ecological Adventures", "Crazy Cooking", and "Movin' and Groovin' (contact Ben)".  Please contact us for details on these programs.  We will cater to your school's specific needs!

Birthday Parties:  For Birthday parties, Radical Reptiles and Friends runs an hour-long program, which includes approximately a dozen animals of various species, ages, sizes, etc.  The children learn about each individual animal and have a unique, hands-on experience. We are sure to make this a very special day for the birthday boy or girl!  No group-size limits.  (For weekend parties, contact John) 

Other Services:  We provide snake/animal removal services for those located in San Diego County.  We will remove and relocate animals; including reptiles, amphibians, arachnids (spiders, scorpions, etc.) and other smaller animals.  We do not provide this service for larger animals (dogs, cats, etc.).  

The animal removal/relocation service is FREE.  Radical Reptiles and Friends does accept donations for this service to help cover expenses, but there is currently NO FEE for this. We adopt animals!  Have a reptile/amphibian that needs a new home? Ask us!  We do our best to provide your adoptable animal with the best home possible!  (Service is limited to space availability, animal-size, etc).

   Radical Reptiles and Friends

Ben Hian - (760) 315-6000

John Taibe (for weekend parties, call first) - (603) 498-8568